A better YOU

Have you ever been on the highway with that has no pedestrian bridges?
You know that to get to the other side of the road, the only option is to cross.

You realize that so many people like you are considering crossing as they also have to get to the other side of the road too.

You suddenly realize that as you contemplate how to get across safely, some people do not wait for the road to be rid of cars before running across.(Risk takers).

Some run along after them, without knowing why. All they care about is getting to the other side. Sometimes they are saved from being run over by mere whiskers. (Follow follow).

Others, wait patiently. Waiting for the perfect time to jet across the road. They consider their shoes,outfit etc..that might prevent them from running across safely. At the slightest chance of a perfect situation, they eventually cross to the other side. (Calculated risk takers)

We are all on that highway. And we fall into one or more of these categories. Sometimes we exhibit one or more of the above traits, depending on the given “highway” we are about to cross or the “thing” we have to do at the other side.

We are all crossing to the other side for different reasons. We all have different destinations.

So whatever and whichever way you get across the road. .don’t forget why you left your house in the first place.
Stay focused on the goal.

Be a positive reference point!!!!!

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